Fitting the Module to your own Learning Style

You can choose to learn from this module in many different ways. Below are some examples.

As Presented

Nicole pictureNicole likes to work methodically. She doesn't know this subject and appreciates that the Tutors will have thought long and hard about the order to present the material. So, she has decided to work through the module in the order it is presented. First studying all the lessons, then the case study. Before taking the final exam she will try the practice assessment.  If she finds she needs to do more, then she will review the relevant lessons. She is glad she can work on her smartphone as she can use her commute to take the interactive lessons. Nicole likes the modular approach and the fact that she can gain a certificate for for each module she takes, building over time to a level where she can demonstrate complete mastery of the subject. If you like to work like Nicole you can return to the module and get started.

Start at the End

Carla picture Carla likes to set herself goals. She likes to know what she is aiming for and focus her attention on achieving that. Her approach is to take the practice assessment first. This has two purposes: she already knows some of this subject so it will let her know if what she knows is at a sufficient level, secondly, it will help her to identify the areas she really needs to learn. Carla is aware that the practice assessment will not be comprehensive so she does intend to work hard on the lessons. She may take the practice assessment many times to see if she has learned all she needs and then take the final assessment. Carla also needs to demonstrate each year that she has undertaken a certain amount of continuous professional development and likes the fact that each module she takes is recognised. If you like to work like Carla go straight to the practice assessment.

Read First

George picture George has always believed you should learn the basics of a subject before trying to apply your knowledge and his preferred way is to read. Sometimes he likes to read printed material but he is also comfortable reading on screen. George has decided to print out the PDF version of the eNotes as he knows they contain all the material in the lessons. Once he has read the eNotes he has decided he will still take the lessons on-line because he can test his understanding that way. He also plans to read the recommended resources to get an in-depth understanding of the subject before he tackles the practice and final assessments. George also appreciates the certificate he will be awarded when he has successfully completed the module. If you like to work like George you can go directly to the eNotes.

Practically Minded

Kim pictureKim likes to make sure everything he learns fits into how he works on a day-to-day basis. He is much more interested in learning a new way to do something than the underlying fundamentals. He recognises that the fundamentals are important but reckons they are easier to appreciate when used in context. Kim's first stop is the case study. He wants to see how this subject affects decisions he may have to take. After the case study Kim decides to take the lessons as he realises the interactive questions in these lessons make him think practically about how he might apply the knowledge he has just gained. Kim likes to display his practical achievements so that potential employers can see them, so once he has passed the final exam and been awarded his certificate, he also displays his awarded badge on his LinkedIn page. If Kim's way of working appeals to you why not go straight to the case study now.

Work Offline

Jasmine pictureJasmine is keen to learn from this module but her job means she is constantly on the move. She needs to be able to switch at any time from her iPad to her iPhone and that is exactly what she does. She is quite often in places where there is no network available so she downloads the eNotes in ePub format so that she can read them on any device when she is offline. She has also downloaded the Moodle Mobile App so that even when she is away from a network connection she can carry on learning through the interactive lessons. Completing this module will allow Jasmine to claim CPE/CPD credit which she normally finds difficult as her busy travelling life makes attending courses almost impossible. Why not try this module on your mobile device? Email yourself the IASeminars Sampler link.

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