We have been offering 8-day Immersion Workshop courses on IFRS and IPSAS for 12 years. Recently however, attendees have told us that they would like more time to study the many topics and discuss issues with their instructors and fellow attendees.  

In response we are pleased to offer our IPSAS Masterclass, a 10-day course with shorter working days, designed to provide attendees with a more enjoyable and comfortable learning experience. And all with the added bonus of giving extra free time to enjoy the venue city!

The program answers questions such as:

  • What are the requirements for presenting accrual basis IPSAS financial statements and related disclosures?
  • Where can technical and practical guidance on IPSAS be found?
  • How can the recognition and measurement requirements be applied in practice?
  • What are the requirements for transitioning to the accrual basis of accounting?
  • How can we plan for, and implement, upcoming changes in IPSAS?

The comprehensive study package includes:

  • Ten days of full tuition by senior instructors
  • Chromebook with course materials provided on USB
  • Full set of hard copy course materials, including case studies, illustrations and examples
  • 24-hour ticket for a local sightseeing bus tour
  • Lunch and refreshments on teaching days
  • Farewell dinner and group photographs
  • Ongoing, independent study – after the Masterclass we provide you with entry to the ACCA’s Cert IPSAS programme (6 months’ access to materials plus entry to online assessment).

About the training:

The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB) publishes accounting standards and other guidance relating to the financial reporting needs of national, regional and local governments and other public sector bodies.

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs) and Recommended Practice Guidelines (RPGs) provide authoritative guidance on accrual basis financial reporting. They exist to improve the quality of general purpose financial reporting by public sector entities, leading to better informed decisions about resource allocation and increased transparency and accountability.

Many IPSASs are largely consistent with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). IPSASB adapts IFRSs to reflect the public sector’s circumstances, when appropriate. The Board also develops standards to deal specifically with public sector topics not addressed by IFRSs.

For public sector entities that do not apply accrual basis IPSAS, the Board has developed a single Standard, Cash Basis IPSAS. This may be seen as a stepping stone towards full accrual basis accounting. The Masterclass covers accrual basis IPSAS. If you are interested in Cash Basis IPSAS, we offer a two day program, Course 3050.  

The ten-day Masterclass is a comprehensive review of how to prepare IPSAS compliant financial statements. Its requirements will be explained clearly and illustrated with model financial statements and real-world examples. Application of the standards is reinforced through the use of short case studies and quizzes.

Our instructors will guide participants through transitioning to accrual basis IPSAS and on applying IPSAS 33 First-time Adoption of Accrual Basis IPSAS. They also receive an overview of the IPSASB’s Work Plan, including current Exposure Drafts and Consultation Papers.

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare IPSAS-compliant accrual basis financial statements.
  • Learn IPSAS presentation and disclosure requirements.
  • Implement IPSAS recognition and measurement rules for assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.
  • Develop a plan for transitioning to the accrual basis of accounting.
  • Identify impact of upcoming changes in IPSASs.
  • Network and share experience with participants from across the world.
  • Chromebook for use during and after the course.
  • City tour and farewell dinner.
  • Access after the course to the ACCA’s Cert IPSAS materials and assessment.

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Skill Level: Beginner