This two-day course provides an in-depth analysis of the standards covering US GAAP accounting for pension costs and other employee benefits. This comprehensive program covers pension accounting (both defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans) and accounting for other employee benefits, including other postemployment benefit plans and employee termination plans.

The course also updates delegates on the latest amendments to FASB statements relating to accounting for pensions and other employee benefits.

This program will answer questions such as:

  • What are the accounting recognition and disclosure requirements relating to actuarial gains and losses?
  • How is the pension asset or liability on the balance sheet measured?
  • When are retirement benefit costs recognized in the financial statements?
  • What actuarial assumptions and discount rates are used to determine the amount of pension obligations?
  • How are recognition rules applied to deferred compensation, bonus and profit-sharing arrangements?
  • What accounting requirements apply to curtailment, settlement and termination benefits?
  • How are recognition and measurement rules applied to determine pension asset and liability balances related to business combinations?
  • What are the latest developments affecting pension and employee benefit accounting?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact of applying the US GAAP standards on accounting for retirement benefit costs
  • Comply with measurement and recognition rules for actuarial gains and losses
  • Forecast the financial statement effect of US GAAP by understanding the actuarial assumptions and discount rate requirements
  • Learn how to calculate the pension asset/liability on the balance sheet
  • Apply recognition requirements to deferred compensation, bonus and profit-sharing arrangements
  • Implement appropriate accounting methodology for curtailment, settlement and termination benefits
  • Understand the pension asset and liability recognition requirements for business combinations
  • Be up-to-date with the latest developments affecting pension and employee benefit accounting

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Skill Level: Beginner