Continually changing disclosure requirements and disclosure requirements in new accounting standards make it important not only to comply with current and newly-enacted requirements, but to understand the upcoming changes that are likely to occur. Increasing scrutiny of your firm’s reported footnotes by investors also offers an opportunity to enhance your company’s investor relations strategy with thoughtfully prepared disclosures.

This two-day workshop not only reviews the IFRS requirements and teaches the skills needed to prepare full and complete financial statements and footnotes, but also provides participants with insight into future changes.

The program answers questions such as:

  • What are the IFRS requirements relating to presentation and disclosures?
  • In which areas are alternative presentations allowed?
  • What are the most important issues to consider when preparing disclosures?
  • How do the presentation and disclosure choices made affect investor perceptions?
  • What are the upcoming changes in IFRS and when will they be effective?
  • How might future disclosure practice change to reflect the IASB’s revised new Conceptual Framework and criticisms of current financial statement disclosures?

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the IFRS presentation and disclosure requirements to the preparation of fully compliant IFRS financial statements
  • Specify the allowed alternatives in presentation of the key elements and demonstrate sound selection decisions in given scenarios
  • Explain the merits of different presentation choices from the perspective of the IASB and investors
  • Prepare appropriate disclosures, applying the IFRS requirements
  • Differentiate between the current presentation and disclosure requirements, those under the new and amended standards and those likely under future IFRS changes

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Skill Level: Beginner