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Skill Level: Beginner

This 30 day, eLearning course provides a detailed overview of the technical requirements and rules involved in producing US GAAP financial statements.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn to apply US GAAP financial statement requirements, including accounting policies and disclosures
  • Implement the US GAAP recognition and measurement rules for assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, gains and losses
  • Appreciate the impact of recently-issued standards and upcoming changes
  • Understand the complex rules for revenue recognition, financial instruments and asset impairment
  • Determine compliance with other reporting issues
  • Comply with 'fair value' measurement requirements
  • Increase planning opportunities through awareness of likely future US GAAP changes, including prospects for accounting convergence with IFRS.
  • Gain familiarity with information sources for researching US GAAP topics
  • Analyze US GAAP financial statements to determine financial performance

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Skill Level: Beginner